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You’ll find the forms you need right here.

Audit requests

Auditors should submit audit certificate requests via and select UBank (Australia) as the financial responder.
(Note: A fee applies to Auditors submitting audit requests through Confirmation).

For any questions, please contact

Australia Post form

Should you be asked to complete this form, you will need to take it to your local Australia Post Office with your identification documents.

If applying for a home loan, please login to your Application Tracker via My Money and download the form from there. It has already been populated with some of your details and will save you time.

Change of name form

Fill out this form for changes to your name.

Consent form

Complete this form if you need consent for a subdivision, deceased estate matter, second mortgage, lease, easement or transfer of ownership.

Deceased estate form

Whether it’s a close family member, a friend or a more distant relation, dealing with the death of someone you know is far from easy. 

As you have so much to focus on at this time this form should help make the UBank side of things as straightforward as possible.

Direct debit request form

If you need to change the direct debit account for your UHomeLoan, complete this form. You’ll need to ensure all parties to the UHomeLoan have signed.

Employment verification consent form

This form is to verify your employment as part of the UHomeLoan application.

Fixed rate conversion authority form

You’ll need to complete this form if you wish to change all, or part, of your loan from variable to fixed.

If you’re converting to interest only or extending an interest only term as part of your request, you’ll need to complete the Loan Variation form instead.

Loan variation form

Complete this form if you’d like to increase the limit of your UHomeLoan, change your repayment to interest only or extend the interest only term or change your loan’s security property.

Nomination form

This form allows you to nominate one person to receive correspondence on behalf of any other borrower/guarantor.

Personal access form

If you’d like access to your personal information held by UBank, fill out this form.

Power of Attorney & Financial Management Order

This pack outlines the two types of Power of Attorney (POA) available at UBank and what we need when a customer appoints one or more people to act for them.

Change authority for a variable rate UBank Home Loan

Complete this form to change your variable rate UBank Home Loan:

  • Change from ‘interest only’ to ‘principal and interest’
  • Reduce ‘interest only’ term
  • Split or consolidate splits

To change your repayments to ‘interest only’, please complete the Loan Variation form instead.

UHomeLoan credit guide

This credit guide gives you important information about the credit assistance we provide for a UHomeLoan.